Sponsor Spotlight – Renee’ Roma, Personal Trainer

We wanted to share a special sponsor of the Greenfield Neighborhood Yard Sale. We were amazed when Renee? Roma, a personal trainer and small business owner in Greenfield, approached us to get involved with the yard sale. She wanted to give back to the community she loves and decided to sponsor our yard sale! Her support means so much personally (I, Pam trained with her and she is just fantastic) and for the success of this event. Renee? owns a fitness studio right here in Greenfield (332 Winders Street.)

To honor the Yard Sale, she is offering an amazing special until the end of September: 8 training sessions for 250$.\


Contact her: winders332@gmail.com or by phone 412-443-6957.

Not convinced? She has a lovely dog, Carmel, who will train with you if you want J. I (Pam) know I loved having her nearby during my training sessions!

Thank you Renee? Roma on behalf of everyone!